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Sunday Inspiration

Can you tell I am ready for flowers, green, and hiking in the mountains? This will come, after the snow melts, the fog dissipates, the mud dries, and the earth springs forth with life.

Photo by Angie Quantrell

Cascade Mountains, Washington

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Holiday Haiku – 25 Days of Christmas Haiku: peace


snow, quiet drifts sleep,

mute sentinels guard shadows

keeping peace secure



by Angie Quantrell


Thanks for joining me on a Christmas Haiku journey as I celebrate with words, thoughts, and photos that take me deep into my family’s Christmas traditions. Read more Christmas Haiku here.

May this Season of Light brighten your life and fill your heart with the peace of beauty.



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Small Things, 1


By Angie Quantrell


Traveling east, white

surprise spring snow shower, don’t

leave, stay; coat flowers

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photos and poem by angie quantrell


orange plus pink

sweet hues of sunset

and dessert

taste yummy to my eyes

and gift me

a smile



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Winter Lace – a Haiku


Photo by Angie Quantrell

winter lace


lacy swirls of cold

spires stretch long, fingers point

frozen work of art


by Angie Quantrell


Photo by Angie Quantrell