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Haiku Moment: fall’s siren song

crimson flames top trees,

fire-tipped shelter burns my eyes

with fall’s siren song

fall’s siren song by Angie Quantrell

photo by Angie Quantrell, Yakima Valley

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Sunday Inspiration

Photo by Angie Quantrell, Yakima Valley

Text by God

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Haiku Moment: fire


blaze of summer’s last

fling; scarlet burns in sunlight

leaves aflame with light


fire by Angie Quantrell


Photo credit: Angie Quantrell, November 2019, Columbia River State Park, Washington

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Happy Hump Day Haiku Challenge: cotton candy


cotton candy clouds

effervescence, bees’ delight

pink blossom carpet


cotton candy by Angie Quantrell


I love spring blossoms and the buzz of happy bees. Welcome, pink!

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Happy Hump Day Haiku Challenge: hunter


pose, prepare to strike

prayer forgotten, prey in

sight; arbor mantis


hunter by Angie Quantrell


Can you see it? My imagination took flight just as this tree spread its wings in attack mode.

How about you? What do you think about when you hear the word hunter?


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Happy Hump Day Haiku Challenge: mystery


layers, patterns mix;

tightly furled, mystery

blankets secret core


mystery by Angie Quantrell


I spied this gorgeous tree and cones during a winter walk. With such fascinating texture, design, and beauty, I just had to climb a snow bank to get close enough and snap a few photos. So glad I did!

What mystery have you seen lately?

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via Oliver: The Second-Largest Living Thing on Earth by Josh Crute & John Taesoo Kim

Oliver: The Second-Largest Living Thing on Earth

By John Crute & John Taesso Kim

Page Street Kids, 2018


This looks so adorable! I cannot wait to read it! Congratulations to John, John, and Page Street!


Happy Hump Day Haiku Challenge


gnarled shelves grasp earth

etched granite skin, moss blanket

tree’s knees bend and rest


by Angie Quantrell


Happy Hump Day! How about a haiku challenge? I’d love to read yours.



Happy Hump Day Haiku Challenge


a blizzard in May,

cottonwoods are cottoning;

warm flakes unmelting

~ by Angie Quantrell


Welcome to May cottonwood season! No deep breaths, wide open mouths, or keeping fluffs away from your face. Still digging out!

Wednesday is the Happy Hump Day Haiku Challenge! I’d love to read your Haiku, especially if it revolves around nature, kids, or family.

Happy Hump Day!

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Digging Out the Tree (Christmas Tree, That Is)


There I was. Putzing around while my honey worked up a sweat digging out a fresh little Christmas tree. I couldn’t really help him, one shovel and all.

In our area, we can purchase a tree permit from the forest service and dig or cut a tree up to 15 feet tall. As long as we follow the rules of where and where not, we get to choose whichever tree we love!

The first tree ‘we’ loved was a beauty! Between 5-6 feet tall, symmetrical, gorgeous. Plans were changed and we decided to dig up this pretty baby (by we, I mean he) and immediately plant it in the pasture before the ground froze.

Uhm. 5-6 foot evergreen trees do not come with short and easy-to-remove-from-the-dirt roots. After probably 25 minutes of heavy duty grunt work, we told the tree we love you and grow well and strong and shoveled all the dirt back and tamped it down. The tree would not budge. It loved where it lived.

The results from this attempt made us decide to dig up a smaller tree. MUCH smaller.

We found a lovely, adorable little tree stuck on the side of a hill. It called out to us – “Take me home!”

So my honey started digging. We had expectations for a shorter dig time. This prediction did not account for the rock. We also planned on potting this cutie and enjoying it inside the RV and planting it later in the spring.

Except for the rock. And the huge curvy taproot wrapped around the rock that would have forced us to use a pot the size of a small car in order to cover it with soil. That sort of container does not fit in the RV.

Plan C. Bag up the cute tree which still required 15 or so minutes for extraction, and immediately introduce it to the new home in the pasture.

Our second tree, originally planned as a larger cut tree, then switched to “Let’s dig out 2 trees,” was then maneuvered back into the original plan after the digging marathons. A stately and fragrant tree became our cut tree.

One can never tell what is lurking below the surface. Rocks, roots, acres of soil – depth of stability, secure anchorage, ablility to withstand hurricane force winds or mountains of heavy snow. Baby trees face all sorts of dangerous conditions out in the wild. And each one causes the tree to grow stronger and more resilient, develop even deeper roots, and hang on tight.

I should have taken a picture of that root wrapped rock. As a reminder. But the mushrooms were calling and I didn’t realize the significance of the rock. It’s like that sometimes. Upon later reflection, insights swivel my viewfinder to see what’s truly important.

Sometimes I feel like a baby tree, stuff coming at me from all directions. I bend, shudder, and quake, tossed like a dandelion puff on the wind. But as long as my heart roots are wrapped around the Rock, I am safe and can rest in His care and protection. I can continue to grow and become stronger as I sink my roots deep and wrap them ever tighter around my source of strength.

The Rock.

“Let your roots grow down into him, and let your lives be built on him. Then your faith will grow strong in the truth you were taught, and you will overflow with thankfulness.”

– Colossians 2:7