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From the Cat: Happy New Year!

Monet wanted me to send out her greetings and wishes for a wonderful and joyful new year!

From her humans (aka slaves), we also hope you have a beautiful 2023!


Haiku Moment: breathe

dark broken by light

snow day, but no sleeping in

time to wander, breathe

breathe by Angie Quantrell

Yakima Valley

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Haiku Moment: tree people

daylight freezes them

and winter, but come August

tree people watch, play

tree people by Angie Quantrell

Lake Keechelus, I-90, Washington state

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Haiku Moment: face forward

flames claim the night sky

face forward, time to wake up

gold fades to day blue

face forward by Angie Quantrell

photo by Angie Quantrell, Yakima Valley

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Haiku Moment: pahto watches

is the horse running?

do huckleberries burst, smile?

pahto watches, waits

pahto watches by Angie Quantrell

photo by Angie Quantrell

Pahto (Mount Adams), Washington

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Write a Valentine story for these little ones? You bet!

Hey, writer friends! OR Hello friends who would love to try their hand at writing a short Valentine story for young readers!

This is your opportunity to join Susanna Hill’s Valentine writing challenge contest. Lots of fun, new friends and connections to be made, and a neat way to share your story. Or if you just love to read, join the adventure and read what other writers dream up. We are a crazy, creative, imaginative bunch.

Head on over to Susanna’s blog for the details.

Until then, I’ll be dreaming of Valentine’s Day and something fun to put in a story.

Happy Valentine’s Day!

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