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How a Garden Transforms a Backyard

By Angie Quantrell @AngieQuantrell

These are before and after pictures of our backyard. The after pictures are really just snapshots of specific moments in time, as gardens are always changing and evolving.

Nearly 7 years ago we purchased our home. Putterers by nature, we have planted, chopped down, removed, added, painted, built, dug up, relocated, and generally wrecked havoc (or as I like to say, made improvements in accordance to our tastes) with the yard. Front and back.

The above photo shows what the triangle garden looked like when we moved in.

This is the patio door overlooking the old cement triangle garden.

 Here is Kevin digging out the cement to create a new garden area.

 Here is a view of the new triangle garden, after many years of growth.


  This is the view looking out over the old gravel bed.


Here is our view.

 The old backyard view while standing at the house.

 The same view a few years later.


 The garden shed without any sunflowers or privacy fence.


Our well worn garden, including a privacy fence and garden beds.

My garden and backyard today.

What we’ve added: a dogwood tree, a brick patio (covered now by the sunflower forest), 5 garden beds, a flower bed, hundreds of plants, cedar privacy fence, a clothesline (behind the shed), underground sprinklers, shade curtains around the patio, and lots of love.

That’s my garden. What changes have you made in your garden?