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Agatha ~ Picture Book & KID KANDY

by Angie Quantrell @AngieQuantrell


By Anna Pignataro

(Little Bee Books, 2015)

Agatha did not fit it.

With a bear and a pig for parents, Agatha did not look like her parents. Other kids resembled their parents. But not Agatha. When the family got together, both sides of the family looked like each other, but Agatha didn’t quite match anybody.

When it was time for kindergarten, Agatha felt out of place. Until one day, her teacher said that everyone was special in their own way.

Agatha’s classmates told why they were special. But when it was Agatha’s turn to share, she had disappeared! The subsequent Agatha-hunt led Agatha to see her specialness through the eyes of her friends. Agatha was special at being Agatha.

I love this book! Agatha would be perfect for anyone who feels different from others or for a child who is going to kindergarten.

Everyone is special!


Specialness Survey

Materials: toy microphone (or something you can pretend to use as a microphone)

Think for a minute. How are you special? Maybe you can list several things that make you special.

1. Hold a specialness survey. A survey is when you ask questions for others to answer. Use the microphone as you interview your family. Go to each member and ask them to tell how he or she is special. Tell why you are special.

2. Ask neighbors, friends, or classmates to tell why they are special.

3. Think again. Are all of the people you interviewed the same? Do each of them have something special that makes them unique?

I enjoy making greeting cards with rubber stamps. That makes me special. I’d love to hear what makes you special!