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The Things We Do for Cats


Eh-hem. Cats. Once you have one, I mean a cat has decided you are worthy of serving its needs, you will realize the lengths one goes to to make sure said cat is happy and has all her Highness requires.

Cat patio? Check. Multiple concrete cat patios? Why, yes. Strategically placed throughout garden areas, including under the RV deck, where, incidentally, the Great Hunter loves to gnosh on freshly caught mice and voles. And birds. One never knows when she will gift us with a leftover foot, skull, liver, or fluff of feathers. For certain there are stains we cannot get out.

Cat shelter/cute house to hang out in when the weather is inclement? The Favorite Lap Guy just built her a new pad over Christmas break.

Cat tree? Yes (and quite a furniture saver it is). New cat tree which turned out to be sized for kittens? Returned.

Replacement sisal rope added to decimated anchor leg of favorite cat tree? Just completed. Has she used it yet? Nope.

We are testing one leg at a time to see if it holds up.

Fuzzy blankets galore? Check.

Heated blanket for cold days? I mean for the people (but the cat claims it)? Plug it in and let’s get this show on the road.

Favorite cat food (both dry and canned), cat treats, and a special cat toy basket? Stashed in proper cat food basket.

Strategically placed light-weight items on top of the printer to keep the solid-weight cat from sitting there and breaking it? Done. Not you? Well. Princess Monet deems that location perfect for gazing west through the RV window.

Wire fencing placed across winterized garden beds? (You KNOW why.) All set.

Roof added to top of TARDIS garden shed so cat can shelter out of hot sun? Done and done.

Vet on speed dial to order anti-“straw” meds? Definitely. (We prefer to call tapeworms “straw.” Oh, look? Is that straw? Time for more meds. It sounds nicer than the actual term. And. They do look like bits of straw.)

Evening chores are rushed through so the Cat can have her lap of choice for her evening resting pleasure? Certainly. And, BTW, said lap is not mine. She is a Daddy’s girl through and through. Unless food is involved. Then whomever has it is favorite.

Pillows poised to be pulled to the bed edges so the Princess can sleep smack in between Mom and Dad’s heads? Ugh. Yes. Nothing like waking up with someone’s tail-end right up against your chin. Or open one’s eyes to see two alert ready-to-get-up ears pointed right at you. Sleep in? What’s that?

But. Cats. We do it all because we love our kitties. What “special” things do you do for your royal felines? Perhaps Monet needs just one or two more human habits to make her life truly happy, and you know just the right thing. Do share. Her Highness is waiting.

Do you see the cat? She’s there.

Author: Angie

I live with my husband and crazy kitty. Much of my time is spent writing, reading, and playing with the grands. You can usually find me sipping tea or coffee, nibbling on dark chocolate, and contemplating what to plant next in the garden. If not those pursuits, then I am probably trying to figure out how to cook and live in an RV, creating cards with rubber stamps, walking, hiking, or out snapping photos with my camera.

4 thoughts on “The Things We Do for Cats

  1. Angie, what a cute and hysterical post! Thank you! We have two crazy girl cats so I completely understand. I love all your pics. We have soft blankets all over, also. Lovee is seventeen-years-old so she is definitely the queen of the cats. I always tell her I’m her queen and she gives me evil eyes. She is lovable, playful, and was a great hunter. Though, this summer she slowed down on her rodent patrol. She is losing her hearing, which makes her yowl loudly sometimes if she doesn’t see one of us. Sometimes I think the whole neighborhood can hear her. She loves all kinds of meat, “a true cat not a finicky-fake cat like my nine-year-old sister, Tigress, who only will eat tuna or tuna with salmon.”

    Tigress follows me so much I sometimes accidentally step on her or trip over her. She loves to be pet, but not picked up, though recently she has liked to dance with me. She is a crazy playful cat that chases things that aren’t even there. She has a lot of toys that enjoys playing with, but she will also play with her long tail or a piece of dry food. She loves to run up and down the hallway looking at me and talking to me until I chase her. Tigress loves to play hide and seek, hide under blankets, under tissue paper, and in closets. She also loves to walk all over my writing or plop her pretty body on my writing and get in front of my monitor.

    We love our girls. Oops, she just told me to hurry up because she needs loving. I’ve had cats since I was four and never had one that talks, chirps, meows, chips, murmurs, and makes more sounds. Tigress is now sitting on my desk in front of me purring and murmuring at the same time. A minute before that she was in front of my monitor making me see around her. Gotta to go & give both girls the night lap loving, which has to be separate. Tigress is possessive of her mommy. I never had a possessive cat before, either.

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    • Oh, so cute! I forgot about hide and seek. I had one cat who adored that game and would demand I play. And the deaf thing. We had an ancient cat when I was much younger (my parents had her, family cat) and she was pretty deaf near the end of her life. Same thing. Sit and yowl and wonder where are you? And the computer…so many disasters with extra kitty help. LOL. Snuggle your kitties for me!


  2. You certainly went through a lot of trouble to make your kitty comfy. The three cats we adopted last spring are mischievous. We have two males and one female. The latter, Bijoux, will have to be sterilized. She’s had her first heat, and I hate to bring her to the vets. She’ll hate me afterward. She loves to be petted but only when she wants to. You can’t pick her up. She’ll scratch. As for the males, well, Paciugo is the largest of the three and furry. I can’t sit in front of the computer without him jumping up and pressing all the keys on my keyboard. The other male, Grigio, was shy at first, but now he’s very playful. He’ll hide and attack whoever goes by. They all hate the vacuum cleaner and hide in the piano. As for the piano, I had my picture frames and knickknacks on there once but had to take them down. The kitties thought they were toys, and most of them were knocked off anyway. They don’t drink from their bowl but from the bidet. They all meowl, and I have to open the tap for them; otherwise, they don’t stop. They are confined to our home for now until we get the female sterilized. Their mom is still prowling outdoors. We had caught her first and put her in the bathroom. She chewed the window’s wooden frame to try to escape. She’s a stray cat and very wild. One day I left the window open, never thinking she would jump from the first floor, but she did, and she’s fine, thank goodness. All three kittens pester my epileptic dog, Blacky. But they also snuggle up to him at times. As for blankets and whatnot, the kittens use Blacky’s pillows, and if they manage to sneak into the bedrooms, they take over the beds. Bijoux, the female, hid in our bedroom one night. She woke me up more than once, tickling my nose with her whiskers and platìying with my hair. No cats in the night area anymore.

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  3. Oh, my! Three kitties, wild ones at that! Our Monet was a twin with Mabel and we had both, but a pack of dogs got her. It was horrible. Monet is more aggressive, so she got away. But three! They sound very entertaining (and possibly destructive). Especially the mama! Chewing the window frame! Yikes! I agree about the meowing. Monet is annoyingly loud until she gets me to do what she wants (let her out, let her in, feed her, let her out…). Cats! Love them, but wow. We are their servants. LOL. I’m not going to mention to Monet how you turn on the tap for your kitties. That is what she would demand next!


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