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Monday Moments: Family Photo Chaos Company


20 eyes

20 hands and feet

100 fingers and toes

10 mouths (equals 10 voices!)

10 different ideas

20 legs and arms

4 cameras

4 purses

2 pair improper shoes

4 pair glinting glasses

3 mommies, 2 daddies, 5 cousins

Plus: mud, crowds, drippy leaves, slick straw bales, tilting maze, sparse pumpkins, traffic, no hay rides (rain)


Today’s Monday Moments are brought to you by the Family Photo Chaos Company.

The above stats equal 5 adults and 5 children from 2-55 years old. A list of emotions, attitudes, and energy levels: shy, humorous, pre-teen, grumpy, hungry, tired, excited, crazy, silly, bossy, happy, ready to be done with it all.

This was THE fastest photo shoot. Ever.

Still, I’m smiling. Memories made, images captured, perfection avoided. The Christmas photo shall be selected and enjoyed.

How do you manage your family photo shoots?


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STORYSTORM 2018 Day 3: Let’s Get Visual with Mike Ciccotello

What do sketches, photos, magazine images, newspaper pictures, and art supplies have in common? ALL of them can be used to create story ideas!

This is a great idea for dreaming up picture book characters, settings, props, and storylines. Way to go, Mike! Thank you!

Grabbing my scissors, pencils, and paper to get my imagination pumped up…

via STORYSTORM 2018 Day 3: Let’s Get Visual with Mike Ciccotello

Thanks, Tara! Storystorm is going great!