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Happy Hump Day Haiku Challenge: again


commence shoveling!

again, or still; nearly spring-

snow falls quietly


again by Angie Quantrell

Like Groundhog’s Day (the movie), this winter clutches our neck of the woods with the setting of repeat. Some movies have that choice, did you know? Especially for the younger crowd. I didn’t know winter had the same option.

But I LOVE snow! Even as green-starved as I am, gasping for fresh air and spring flowers, I feel giddy with joy when snowflakes dump steadily the whole day and into the  night. Despite the need for shoveling, I gleefully glance out the window to make sure it’s still coming down in white blankets.

It is! Sheets, comforters, pillowcases, and blankets of the white stuff. Doomed I fear, according to weather reports.

But today. I shovel. Again.