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Adding Text to Images

grapes Haiku

I’ve been playing this morning.

For quite awhile, I’ve been trying to figure out how to add text to my images, as I’ve seen so many other talented photographers and writers do. Using my computer programs has given me a total of zero successful moments.

But thanks to Sue Vincent and her post “Looking good -10 simple tips for adding images,” I have now found an online program that helps me add text to my images. Thank you, Sue!

I chose an image I took in the Napa Valley. Of course, these grapes could have been growing in my own Yakima Valley, as our vineyards are abundantly heavy with weighty vines each fall. But the Napa picture was right on the computer, waiting for some attention.

I used as my first foray into visual + words experiment. This program is quite simple to use and the options are wide and varied. Best of all? FREE.

Oh, I do believe this is just the beginning of playtime for moi.