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Happy New Year!

Today as I began 2016 by working on a deadline, I had plenty of help.

Too much help, in fact.

This one, Mabel, jumped up right after sister, Monet, left.

I sense a new year trend in my office.

What work? You are doing that?

I think I should help you. Yes. Let me scooch right here.

Move? You want me to move?

Fine. I will sit over here. I’ll just watch my sister.

Mom, what is in the basket? Can I get in the basket? Let me chew on some things in the basket.

What book? You need this book? I’m sitting on it . . .

And so went the day. There have been times when my mind was so focused, I didn’t even see or hear the approaching kitty until she leapt in the middle of work. This was especially troublesome when her paws were wet and a touch muddy.

We have new S.O.P.

(standard operating procedures)

1. Be prepared at any moment to quickly and calmly gather all ready-to-mail papers in a pile and remove them from work counter.

2. Try very hard to hear the tiniest pitter patter of kitty claws on the wood floor. This will give warning of impending assistance on the work desk.

3. Give loves. This allows kitties to purr, shed fur, and roll around on paperwork. This also encourages kitties to vacate the project zone in a timely manner.

Paws up to 2016!

May your year be fulfilling, joyful, and overflowing with peace.

And may your clothes always bear fur from the administrations of 4-legged children. For that means you have provided a home to loving pets.

Happy New Year!