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It seems I always have 3 things on hand: paper, something to write with, and a camera. Those ideas and great shots aren’t going to just record themselves!

While searching photos for images of my wonderful and recently passed mother-in-love (my second mom, mom to my honey), I found this little nugget. My photo habits might just predate the need I have to write (and write and write).

What habits or hobbies do you have from waayyyy back? I’d love to hear!


Update: After messaging with Natalie (see comments), I realized I nearly always  have 4 things on hand: paper, writing tools, camera, AND a book (or multiple books-one I’m reading and several on standby in case I finish reading a book and need the next read).

Reading, writing, and taking photos, those are my lifelong loves in the categories of hobbies and habits. WE go waayyyy back!

Author: Angie

I live with my husband and crazy kitty. Much of my time is spent writing, reading, and playing with the grands. You can usually find me sipping tea or coffee, nibbling on dark chocolate, and contemplating what to plant next in the garden. If not those pursuits, then I am probably trying to figure out how to cook and live in an RV, creating cards with rubber stamps, walking, hiking, or out snapping photos with my camera.

2 thoughts on “Photography & Me, We Go Way Back #TBT

  1. That’s awesome that you have been taking pictures so long. My main hobby since I was a kid has been reading. It’s like a best friend. And sorry about the loss of your mother-in-law. I am still very close to mine and my father-in-law. It will be super hard when they die.

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    • Thank you! She truly was my second mom, took me as her own. I was blessed with 2 great mothers. And they were both good friends. Well, since you’ve mentioned reading, that did come first! Then writing, then photos. All muddled up, but my favorites! I guess I need to edit. Because I DO always have at least 2 books on hand (really more like 25). One I’m reading and one I can read when I finish the first one…kind of panicky when I don’t have the ‘next’ book ready to go! 🙂


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