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1-2-3…Hehehe: Using the Rule of Three by @kamikinard plus a #Giveaway!

Humor sells. We’ve all heard that before. But how do we write something funny? As authors, making people laugh can be challenging. We can’t use physical humor and pratfall our way into chuckles lik…

Source: 1-2-3…Hehehe: Using the Rule of Three by @kamikinard plus a #Giveaway!

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Time Flies When You’re Having Fun

Love locks at Chambers Bay Park

By Angie Quantrell @AngieQuantrell

It’s true. Time flies. But not only when you are having fun – though those particular minutes, hours, and days seem to sleep more easily through our fingers.

I’ve found that time. Just. Flies.

For instance, my honey was on vacation last week. There were just not enough hours in the day! We . . .


We had a wonderful time. I think maybe they were embarassed by us!

– traveled to see my cousin in the Tacoma area where we ate, hiked, visited, walked, sipped coffee, ate some more, and watched exploding fireworks

– shopped for an RV trailer as a part of our long term plan to build our own small home

– returned home and cleaned house with much attention given to fine detail

On the first hike we got lost. This was our trick for choosing the correct path on the next hike.

– decluttered, packed boxes, moved furniture, and prepared our home for sale

– shopped again for an RV trailer – and purchased a lovely used model that we pick up on Saturday where we will attend a class on how to make everything work

– washed windows and removed cobwebs

– spackled and touched up painted walls

– filled the garage with boxes, bags, and large items for storage and donation

Titlow Beach at low tide

– spent hours talking on the phone with various service providers and business people, asking questions and learning the ropes about selling and building homes

– and finally, put our home on the market

We are exhausted!

The above schedule did not allow time for reading email, blogging, writing, or any other creative endeavor. I barely had time for grocery shopping, but we were getting hungry and I had to cave and make the trip.

The fun continues tomorrow. The gray girls and I are banished for 4 hours while realtors visit and walk through our home. I think Monet, Mabel, and I will visit some grands. Won’t that just make their day fantastic? The grands will love it. The cats, not so much.

Oh, friends, I could have used you. At the least we could have stopped for a bit and sipped a cup of tea. Rest and relaxation. Do consider a visit soon so we can catch up. I may not have furniture, but I always have hot water and tea.

Fireworks on the 4th

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#KidlitSummerSchool Orientation 2016. Class Starts Tomorrow!

Welcome to Kidlit Summer School Orientation 2016! Today we’re here to tell you what to expect so that you can feel comfortable and confident going forward. Looks like you’re sitting up straig…

Source: #KidlitSummerSchool Orientation 2016. Class Starts Tomorrow!