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Faith Elements in Writing

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I often hear from writers who ask how to infuse faith elements without making a story sound preachy. This is a crucial skill to learn. The moment your story starts preaching, many readers will be turned off.

Readers usually don’t mind following a character’s spiritual journey and taking in what the character learns along the way, but they usually don’t appreciate being told what they should learn and do as a result. Few people enjoy an author’s wagging finger.

Still, faith elements can abound, and such themes can be the most memorable parts of a story.

Here are some tips on how to infuse faith elements while avoiding the pulpit:

  • Make sure that faith is a natural expression of a character’s being, that is, don’t make someone speak about faith without developing that this is an inherent part of the character’s nature.
  • Show God’s intervention by having circumstances come together…

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