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Writing Prompts for Author Blogs: 35 Ideas to Get You Started

Awesome list. I should never be without an idea now, right? Thanks!

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 Prompts for Blogs35 Writing Prompts for Your Author Blog or Guest Post

If you’re an author with a blog, you’ve probably run into a situation where you just cannot come up with an idea for your next post. Even the most creative and prolific writers sometimes run dry. Or if you’re an author who is hoping to submit guest posts and articles to other sites, but aren’t sure what topic to cover, you’ve come to the right place. Below are 50 suggestions for topics to use on your author blog or in guest posts. Feel free to add to this list using the comments section below the post.

For Your Own Blog

  1. Interview another author
  2. Create a musical playlist that goes with your novel’s theme, characters, setting, etc. (You can embed Itunes or Spotify playlists on many platforms.)
  3. Post photographs or artworks that inspire you, and explain why. Be sure to give…

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