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Seven Basic Ways To Increase Your Blog Traffic in Thirty Minutes

Wonderful tips. Thanks, Suzie.

Suzie Speaks


You’ve written a blog post that you’re proud of. You’ve read, re-read, edited, re-edited and then edited again once after you’ve inevitably discovered lots of mistakes that were missed. You’ve created a pinnable picture and included all your social media links.

Then the little-one starts to cry. Dinner needs to be made. The laundry needs to be hung out to dry. In my world, papers need to be marked.

For those of us that want our blogs to be seen, but have busy schedules, children, jobs and homes to maintain, we often find it difficult to promote ourselves to the biggest possible audience. Time is always our biggest barrier and in the blogging world it is highly unlikely that a post will receive lots of views simply by pressing the publish button.

When researching this post, I found lots of blogs that were offering lots of advice that I didn’t…

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Faith Elements in Writing

Thanks, Bryan.

The Author's Chair

I often hear from writers who ask how to infuse faith elements without making a story sound preachy. This is a crucial skill to learn. The moment your story starts preaching, many readers will be turned off.

Readers usually don’t mind following a character’s spiritual journey and taking in what the character learns along the way, but they usually don’t appreciate being told what they should learn and do as a result. Few people enjoy an author’s wagging finger.

Still, faith elements can abound, and such themes can be the most memorable parts of a story.

Here are some tips on how to infuse faith elements while avoiding the pulpit:

  • Make sure that faith is a natural expression of a character’s being, that is, don’t make someone speak about faith without developing that this is an inherent part of the character’s nature.
  • Show God’s intervention by having circumstances come together…

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