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Judging and Voting.

Best wishes, Tric! What a wonderful list.

My thoughts on a page.

In two days time I will be going to the Irish Parenting Blog Awards. I am a finalist in four categories, but having been to awards before I am ready to come home empty handed, although I can’t promise I’ll not burst into tears. I have practised my Oscar ‘you won feck all’ face, and all I can say is, I’m not a great actor.

The great thing about the awards is that I am going to get the chance to meet so many of the bloggers I converse with online everyday, either via my posts or facebook. Some of them I feel I know so well and I’m looking forward to having a real chat with no typing involved. Others I’m a bit blurry about, as in who is who, who has what blog, and who has which children, so that should make the night interesting.

We are kicking…

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