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Smorgasbord Health – Continental Breakfast the Spanish Way.

Excellent nutritional thoughts. Thanks, Sally! Mmmm. Be right there for tea and toast.

Smorgasbord Blog Magazine

Most of us associate a continental breakfast with breads, butter and jams or perhaps sliced meats and cheese. However, here in Spain a very common breakfast or mid-morning snack is toasted bread with olive oil and a spread made from tomatoes.


It is something we eat frequently when we are out for coffee instead of something sweet and because I tend to eat between 12.00 and 8.00pm each day as a form of intermittent fasting, I eat for my lunch.

Over the years I have developed various recipes for this simple dish and it is so easy to whip up and so delicious that I thought you might like to find out more about it.

Although the dish is really easy to make and serve, it is absolutely packed with nutrients that work on so many levels in your body and benefit virtually every major organ, your skeleton and your…

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Pay it Forward – Beta Reading

All about beta readers.

Suffolk Scribblings

Pay it forward

There are many ways an author can Pay it Forward to the writing community. The regular followers of this blog know I like to but books from fellow self-published authors and promote those I’ve most enjoyed via my Recommended Reads. This is a great way of giving something back to those who’ve supported you as a writer, either directly or indirectly, but I understand it can be cost prohibitive to some. However, there is another way authors can support authors, and that’s through beta reading.

The more eagle-eyed of you will have spotted I’ve not posted a new recommendation recently. This isn’t because I’ve been slacking with my reading but because I’ve taken the opportunity while my current WIP is resting to beta read for a couple of authors.

What is beta reading?

Beta reading is where you read an early version of a manuscript in order to identify…

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