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Thoughts on Self Publishing

Excellent points about self publishing.

The Author's Chair

author_scene_spin1To self publish or not to self publish, that is the question facing many aspiring writers. The answer is not a simple one.

Years ago when I first sought a publisher, I followed the traditional route. Why? Self publishing has a bad reputation that is well deserved. The vast majority of self-published books are terrible. They are poorly crafted, and the editing often appears to be nonexistent.

Also, self-publishing carries a stigma, that anyone who resorts to self-publishing must not be good enough to be traditionally published. Although that stigma might not be deserved, it exists. Some people point to examples of excellent self-published books, but they are buried in a sea of sewage. Readers have to be highly motivated to seek them out.

For a first-time author, traditional publishing is the better model. More books get into more hands, and the author becomes established as legitimate in the eyes of more readers.


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We’ll Be Counting Scars



Doesn’t age have any advantages? I still don’t sleep well. Stars glistening, moon beaming, I think of bills, appointments, problems… I make lists, read, try to write (curse your inevitable betrayal writer’s block), and tried to simultaneously organize and turn off my thoughts.

It gives too much time for reflection. I ponder if my life would be easier if I had a hero. He can’t be just any hero; the term so loosely used nowadays. He’s gotta be strong…he’s gotta be sure… and he’s gotta be larger than life….my exhausted brain sighed, you’re just tossing and turning, with that Bonnie Tylersong in your head. I think of heroes as I slip into the arms of the sandman.

1hero18As a teen, I was a soap opera junkie. I couldn’t get enough of the endless tangled story lines, because like sands through the hourglass, so was that phase of my life.

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13 Things I learned from Turning 30

Oh, what would I say about turning 50? The same things. It’s going to be alright.



As 13 Going on 30 is one of my favorite Rom-Com’s of all time, I decided I couldn’t resist a play-off post when my thirtieth birthday arrived today.

I usually think my birthday is neat because it’s tax day, the day Abe Lincoln was shot, and the ice-ing on the cake…day the Titanic hit the iceberg. This year, I think it’s neat (or rather, absolutely dreadful) that I am turning 30. I had my proper freak-out last week and this week, despite the pounding migraine from all this crazy weather, I decided I’m going to rock it.

So here we go. Here is the list of my lessons to me by me. Feel free to add your own life lessons / morals in the comments. I LOVE hearing new lessons and inspiration!

  1. It’s going to be okay.
  2. No really, it is. It really, truly, honestly is going to be okay.
  3. You can’t change…

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