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Throwback Thursday: Shouldn’t Have . . .

Shouldn’t have eaten that last donut. No longer a size 7.5.


(Reblogged from 2010)


In honor of those pets we’ve loved and lost. Meet Annabelle, who was spending time with mommy and trying to nonchalantly fit inside her box. Miss you, my beautiful tuxedo cat fur baby.

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Storystorm Day 19: “Many Layers, One Cake” by Ross MacDonald

by Ross MacDonald Over the years I’ve been approached by illustration and design students who share an internal struggle: that they have other interests—cosplay, metalwork, bookbinding, writi…

Source: Storystorm Day 19: “Many Layers, One Cake” by Ross MacDonald

I appreciated this post about doing things we love. Enjoying other activities besides just writing allows the creative juices to percolate on the back burner. Plus, our brains get refreshment! Thanks, Ross!