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Texting and Driving: Redux

I totally agree! In our state it’s against the law to text and drive, but at least half of the drivers I see are texting…My husband works for a funeral company and just last week an escort driver for the procession was stopped and getting out and a person who was texting didn’t see him and came mere inches from causing another funeral!

People. We have got to put away our phones when we drive. The messages will still be there when we park the car.

Author Mark W Sasse

I originally posted this a year ago, but it recently came up again in my classroom and thought it might be timely to post again. I asked my students how many of them have been in a moving car while someone was texting? 39/52 said they were. Wow! How incredible it is that parents value their children so little. You think that comment is too harsh, well it isn’t. Texting and driving is 17 times more dangerous than driving drunk at the legal limit. 17 times!!!! That’s crazy. The post below will give you the particulars. I told my students that they should grab the phone and throw it out the window. After all, a broken phone is much better than a dead child. Here we go: 

This feels like a public service announcement. Here goes …

I had a long interesting discussion with some of my students today. First…

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