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DRESS ME! by Sarah Frances Hardy (plus a giveaway!)

Love it!

Writing for Kids (While Raising Them)


No, not me. I’m quite capable of dressing myself, thankyouverymuch. Although I often remain in my pajamas. It’s a comfortable life!

I’m talking about the new book by author-illustrator Sarah Frances Hardy, and it’s a dress-up delight for little readers. What child doesn’t love pretend play, imagining themselves as anything they long to be?


paintmeSarah Frances, how did DRESS ME! come to be?

I knew I wanted to do a companion book for PAINT ME! which released last year from Sky Pony Press, and I had written a manuscript for a dress up book a few years ago that never quite worked. My agent and I talked through it, and she suggested I take the dress-up idea and do another “me!” book with that.

So did you play dress up as a child? What was your favorite thing to be? Were any of your childhood choices reflected in the book?

Did I ever!

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