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STORYSTORM 2018 Day 2: Ideas Come from Chants and Songs by Tammi Sauer

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Day 2 of Storystorm features Tammi Sauer, who shares how she uses songs and chants to come up with new ideas for picture books. You might recognize the title from her new book, BUT THE BEAR CAME BACK (book birthday in April), which originated from “But the Cat Came Back,” a song she heard on the radio. I can’t wait to read this picture book.

Any song or chant can spark an idea. So let’s get to it. Dig out those old songs you used to sing as a child (or to your child or with your students). I can’t wait!

via STORYSTORM 2018 Day 2: Tammi Sauer Chants and Sings

Congratulations, Tammi!

Thanks, Tara, for Storystorm!

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