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Read My Book: How to Find Readers on Twitter

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Excellent tips to find those readers. Thanks!

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Twitter for Book MarketingThe Simple Method for Finding New Readers on Social Media

All authors, whether self-published or traditionally published, are in search of new readers for their books. But if you’ve been marketing your book for any length of time, you know that sourcing new readers isn’t easy. In a saturated market, writers and publishers are competing for readers’ attention, and simply blasting a link to your book on Twitter or other social media isn’t necessarily your best option. How do you know who you’re reaching? How do you find readers who will actually be interested in your book?

Target Readers Who are Already Interested in Your Book

By using Twitter’s search tool, you can easily find readers who are already interested in your book – even if they don’t know it yet! Specifically, the search function allows authors to pinpoint readers who are interested in the same type of book as…

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