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The Flood

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Just so you know, it’s not Kevin’s fault. For those of you who know him, this may be hard to believe. But it’s true! He did not cause, accidently or otherwise, our ‘maybe we should build an ark‘ moment. Continuez-s’il vous plait! (Continue please.)

Early Wednesday morning, the first day of OFFICIAL meetings and trainings, Kevin and I woke up and were preparing for the day. It was also a day of extra duties for us, as we had 2 additional meetings for small group facilitators. I was in the shower shampooing my hair, and Kevin announced, calmly, “We have a leak.”

No big deal, I was thinking, other than the shower curtain was loose or the toilet was leaking…I kept washing my hair.

“Honey, we have a big leak. You need to get out.” There was a little more urgency to this announcement. But what’s a girl to do? I had to finish my hair.

“Ang, you need to get out now!” Desperation was quite evident as well as volume increase. After I turned off the shower, I heard disaster running between the bathroom wall and the bedroom. I peeled the curtain back to see the center of the bath mat the only island of non-standing water. One foot down, and that disappeared as well. Looking around the corner, pooling water stood everywhere! Kevin was frantically dressing and throwing bags, shoes, and items stored on the floor onto the bed.

Talk about an early morning shock. While I was hurriedly throwing on clothes, the ceiling started leaking onto the corner of the bed (onto our very nice mattress pad and lovely duvet, compliments of the Motley’s in Italy 🙂 Gasp! Our voices were quite loud now (it was still early), and 2 female heads poked into the door.

“Can we help?” “Yes, evacuate stuff! And Kevin, dial 0 and call maintenance.” Even as we worked at hauling stuff into the laundry room, yet MORE water began to leak from out of the light fixture and fire alarm. It spread ever closer to the window heat/AC unit, which is quite a long ways from the bathroom. I admit I was a bit panicked about all of us being electricuted and ran around turning off anything electric!

It was only a short while, but seemed much longer, before maintenance, in 3 golf carts, waltzed in to find out that we were in truth, having an emergency. I was very amazed at how little time it took 4 of us to completely strip the room of all our belongings and toss them into the laundry room. Quite a neat look. (I would have taken a picture, but I lost the camera in the rush, and my mind was a bit busy grabbing and shoving things into the suitcases).

Kevin and I had to leave for our first meeting, not ready, totally unorganized and unprepared, but we were on time. 🙂 Due to our extra meetings, we were unable to return and move rooms until the completion of the afternoon meetings…Great news though – we now are upstairs in a clean (DRY) room with a view of the river. Nicey nice. We decided that God wanted us to have a room with a view. He just used a very creative way to get it for us.

We found out it was a rare event where a cap popped off a pipe in the ceiling sprinkler system (right above our bed). We are very happy that we were already up and moving around. What a shock that cold water would have been had we still been snoozin. Sorry to our dorm mates, who did not have water for showers. We used it all up. No, just kidding. It was shut off to fix the problem.

All’s well that ends well. We met our across and down the hall neighbors in a most unusual way. Team work does work! A great big thanks to the maintenance guys who fixed it, the housekeepers who washed the bedding in the big washers and dryers, and the housing people who did not put us back in the same room, where I was concerned we would wake up to a bed full of plaster from a crashed in ceiling.

See – Kevin did not do it this time! AND, not one piece of clothing or any belonging was ruined, and only a few were even damp! Amazing.

Author: Angie

I live with my husband and crazy kitty. Much of my time is spent writing, reading, and playing with the grands. You can usually find me sipping tea or coffee, nibbling on dark chocolate, and contemplating what to plant next in the garden. If not those pursuits, then I am probably trying to figure out how to cook and live in an RV, creating cards with rubber stamps, walking, hiking, or out snapping photos with my camera.

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